The course of study of the elite program 'Software Engineering' is organized as follows:

The education is focused on the following five central topics of modern Software Engineering:

The courses take place in Augsburg and Munich, with slightly more courses in Augsburg.

Integration of an individual study program:

In arrangement with the Mentor a study program adjusted to the individual abilities and interests of the respective student is integrated in the education.The individual study program leads to the Master thesis and may include a stay abroad, research work or work in a project of an industrial partner. The individual study is planned for the fourth semester.

Practice orientation:

The education in the planned course of studies is layed out in such a way that practice plays an important role. First of all the lectures are accompanied by exercises, which require the practical application of the concepts and techniques. Secondly the curriculum contains a practice project, which will be done by individual students or student teams in cooperating companies. Beyond that specialists from industry are merged directly into the teachings, in particular by guest lectures in the Elite colloqium as well as by the activity as a mentor. In addition direct contact with practice can also be part of the "Individual Study or Research" or an external master thesis.


The following courses are regularly offered in the elite program:

First term:

After the first term:

Second term:

After the second term:

Third term:

After the third term:

Fourth term: